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User Conferences:
Belbin User Conferences were held this May in Melbourne and Sydney. Run by John Burns of Belbin Australia and Winston Pond from Belbin NZ, the focus was on building on the experience of Belbin Team Roles and their application to talent in our present turbulent setting.
Belbin’s work provides many insights into cultures and leads to questions of how these settings can be made deliberate and appropriate.  Team Roles provide a valuable, even essential tool, to help provide an effective workplace.


Observing Team Roles
What makes an effective communication style? Judging your client’s needs is a well-trodden sales rep’s skill and then directing your own behaviour to suit is a gift! 
John England of Mind Systems has developed a simple model to help.  John focuses upon ME SH TW and RI as starting points. Simple and very useful.
John is on
He also has some wonderful information handling software.  Worth looking at!


Belbin (Antipodes) Conference 2016
We are planning for a Conference in the second half of 2016 with the aim of building upon your experience of Belbin Team Roles.   Keep in touch and let us know of topics that sshould be covered.


Pairs of Team Roles:
“A Belbin Team Role is not a tattoo on the forehead!”  However pairs of Team Roles (see the Work Style Report) give a step-up in our search for behaviours that are preferred.
In 2012 Belbin Associates have calculated the frequencies of pairs on their database and Australian and New Zealand figures have been researched for comparison.  We will update this in 2016,  let me know iof you would like your database included.
This will be a subject at the next Users Conference.  Watch this space for dates.


More of our contacts are asking of their consultants “Are you accredited in Belbin Team-Roles?”
Are you accredited?  Would you like to be brought up to date?
Behavioural models need a depth of understanding in order that they can be applied with subtlety.
Contact us.


Job profiles:
Do you know that e-interplace can convert a job into the required Team Roles?
This is a marvellous starting point for behavioural specifications for a job and as an important matching to candidates. Like more information?  Contact us.