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R Meredith Belbin, Managing without Power - Gender Relationships in the Story of Human Evolution
(Butterworth Heinemann, 2001)ISBN: 0 7506 5192 X


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Original and provocative, Managing without Power offers suggestions on how men and women can restore much-needed balance to business organisations and to the community at large.


Dr. Belbin considers the way in which evolution has produced distinct patterns of behaviour for men and women.


Dr. Belbin discusses the history of homo sapiens, including:

book managing power
  • How very early human society was regulated through organic balance rather than through power, allowing women to play a vital role in the community
  • Why women lost their hold over men, as more populous and structured societies became dominated by aggressive warriors seeking territorial expansion
  • How natural selection within competing empires favoured the survival of able professionals and compliant slaves, so diversifying the behavioural roles to which humans were genetically disposed
  • How, in the present era, power has lost its biological utility as human evolution has slowed, and how technological evolution, with its premium on communication skills, favoured the emancipation of women
  • How women have recovered status and influence through social progress, which has brought about a new set of cross-gender problems


  • Introduction
  • The age of respect
  • In the beginning
  • Echoes of the past
  • The great migration
  • The age of power - the fall of Eve
  • Advance the conqueror
  • Problems for rulers
  • The inefficiencies of power
  • The age of accommodation - a change of focus
  • The resurrection of Eve
  • The genetic legacy
  • Gender relationships
  • A changing culture
  • A question of leadership
  • Two modes of management
  • Appendices - Commentary on cartoon themes
  • Icons of the prime genetic archetypes
  • From equality to mutuality
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