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R Meredith Belbin, The Evolution of Human Behaviour and its Bearing on the Future
(Belbin Associates, 2006) ISBN: 978 0 9552979 0 8


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Dr. Meredith Belbin, best known as the father of Team Roles, delves deeply into why people differ so greatly in individual behaviour and in their distinctive collective cultures.

The rate of difference has increased with the passing of time and a shift in evolutionary focus from body to mind. These shifts are comparable with those found in evolutionary biology and can be likened to the movements of the Earth’s tectonic plates.

Sudden changes are followed by periods of stability until a new movement transforms the organising forces operating on behaviour.

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  • Why Evolution Matters
  • In the Beginning - The Human Prototype
  • The First Shifting of the Tectonic Plate - from Genes to Memes
  • The Ethnic Roots of Cultural Variation
  • The Second Shifting of the Tectonic Plate - from Memes to Elbes
  • Deliberate Selection as a Force in Human Evolution
  • A Proliferation of Diversities
  • The Third Shifting of the Tectonic Plate - from Elbes to Super-Elbes
  • Vulnerable Elbes in the Modern World
  • Some Evolutionary Propositions
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