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R Meredith Belbin, Beyond The Team
(Butterworth Heinemann, 2000)ISBN: 0 7506 4641 1


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In Beyond the Team, Dr Belbin draws on his extensive work with organisations worldwide to give further insights into the workings of teams and groups.


Jobs need to be actively interpreted, and the balance between Team Roles and functional roles, constantly revised. Dr Belbin explains how the increasingly complex demands of work allocation can be aided by a colour-coding system, as tested in international trials. Dr Belbin introduces Work Roles, a system of communication based on colour, which allows space for sensitive feedback and has especial value where members of an organisation do not share a common language.

beyond the team

The socially complex nature of communication in the workplace offers parallels with the intricacies of the social insect world. Information technology is extending human networking, with the potential for creating a form of organisation closer to what can be achieved in superorganisms

Beyond the Team shows how the mature team can eventually learn to distribute work between its own members, by giving a comprehensive understanding of how to manage both Team Roles and Work Roles.


Beyond The Team explores:
  • The impact of Team Roles
  • Rise and fall of the team
  • Distinguishing teams from groups
  • Understanding work roles
  • What pink work reveals
  • A framework for meetings
  • What ever happened to empowerment?
  • Rewards and renumeration
  • Adding value to the job
  • Feedback and networking
  • Decision-making and the mature organisation
  • From groups to supergroups
  • Some steps in the right direction
  • Snakes and ladders
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