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Management Learning Pty Limited - Company Setting and Philosophy(ABN 77 006 350 036)


Management Learning Pty Limited is the official distributor of Belbin Associates’ products and services in Australia.


Belbin Team Roles bring a range of benefits for the individual, the team and the organisation as a greater awareness of behavioural strengths and allowable weaknesses are identified.


Individuals are then able to develop strategies to improve their workplace performance.


In a team, we aim to maximize the preferred behaviour of individuals and develop a sense of ‘letting go’ as others contribute towards a balance in the behaviours needed for team success.


Our achievement is measured by our responsiveness to your team needs from many years’ experience of applying Belbin Team Roles.


We are proud of our record!


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The Mission of Management Learning Pty Limited is to improve the effectiveness and promote the development of the individual, the team and the organisation through the application of Belbin Team Roles.




MANAGEMENT LEARNING PTY LIMITED has been trading since 1981, and the Managing Director, John Burns, has devoted the past 35 years to management and professional development especially in the use of teams.


MANAGEMENT LEARNING matches new concepts and techniques to their organisational setting that emphasises opportunities and challenges and the best applications of these ideas.


The scope of our assignments ranges from Board and CEO mentoring to training programs at many levels. Our work has covered both the private and public sectors. John Burns has had extensive senior management experience and has spent seven years working in UK, Canada, USA, China and many other parts of the world. This international exposure gives Management Learning and Belbin Australia a capacity to support clients in broadening their approach to strategic and organisational behaviour issues.


John Burns and his colleagues have worked closely with Dr Meredith Belbin; the originator of Team Roles, since 1977. They have been part of the development in Australia for Belbin Associates and has taken the lead in the effective application of the Belbin techniques in many organisations. Much of this work involves change management applications as teams are accepted as part of the modern organisational structure.


In 2006, Management Learning Pty Ltd linked up with Leadership Solutions Ltd (NZ), Belbin Associates' New Zealand representatives, to set up Belbin Pacific. The intent of this alliance is to provide a seamless service to the growing number of clients whose business interests span Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


(Also trading as Belbin Australia Pty Limited ABN 77 053 963 447)